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Retailers were among the first to adopt building-wide Bluetooth® technology to enable personalized promotions and way-finding services that connect shoppers to shelves and increase sales.

Explore the resources below to discover how Bluetooth is powering smart retail solutions that create better shopper experiences and reduce operating costs.

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Bluetooth Market Update

To learn more about the impact Bluetooth technology is having on location services solutions and get full access to all of the most recent Bluetooth technology trends, download the 2018 Bluetooth Market Update.
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Bluetooth Low Energy has made it possible for PayPal to create compelling location-based payment solutions and shopping experiences. With PayPal Beacon, shoppers can do hands-free payments and get relevant in-store offers and notifications.
- Hasty Granbery, lead engineer, PayPal Beacon
Our dream, our mission is to be able to locate every human being, every object inside buildings and Bluetooth makes this possible.
- Jakub Krzych, CEO & Co-Founder, Estimote, Inc.

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