Bluetooth Mesh

Redefine connectivity.
Redefine possibility.

Bluetooth technology supports mesh networking

Bluetooth® mesh is ideally suited for commercial lighting and other large-scale networks where tens, hundreds, or thousands of devices need to reliably and securely communicate with one another.

Bluetooth mesh networking is the low-power wireless solution that makes smart building automation a reality, even in commercial and industrial environments where scalability, reliability, and security requirements are highest.

Get the mesh specifications

The Bluetooth mesh networking specifications define requirements to enable an interoperable many-to-many mesh networking solution for Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) wireless technology. Start innovating with Bluetooth mesh.


Additional Resources

  • Bluetooth Mesh Performance Study (Ericsson) - This white paper provides an overview of the Bluetooth mesh profile and highlights some of its unique features. It also presents a large-scale building automation use case and illustrates the impact of configuration and deployment strategies on the mesh network.
  • Bluetooth Mesh FAQ - Detailed answers to frequently asked questions about Bluetooth mesh networking on the general market, message relaying, provisioning, general architecture, security, reliability, and more.
  • Bluetooth Mesh Glossary of Terms - A comprehensive list of fundamental Bluetooth mesh networking terms and concepts.
  • Bluetooth Mesh Blog Articles - A listing of all Bluetooth blog articles related to mesh networking.

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The addition of mesh to the Bluetooth standard will open up significant opportunities for richer experiences in smart homes and building automation, enabling fresh waves of innovation across a range of IoT applications. Low-power connectivity is essential to bringing the next generation of secure IoT devices to life.
- Bob Morris, vice president of marketing, Wireless Business Unit, Arm
As a founding member of the Bluetooth SIG and a leading supplier of low-power Bluetooth semiconductor solutions, Toshiba is excited and supportive of Bluetooth mesh and recent Bluetooth 5 standards announcements and activities. Together, these standards significantly increase the range and robustness of Bluetooth, extending its use to many new consumer, industrial, energy, and commercial applications, while maintaining backwards compatibility to the billions of Bluetooth enabled phones, tablets, and PCs that are already in the market.
- Michael McDonald, VP of Platform Enablement Group, Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.