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The 2017 release of Bluetooth® mesh networking has made whole-building coverage a reality, even in commercial and industrial environments where reliability and security requirements are highest. Bluetooth technology is expanding the definition of the smart building by enabling indoor positioning and location services that enhance the visitor experience, increase occupant productivity, optimize space utilization, and enable asset management.

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Bluetooth Market Update 2018

The most recent forecasts and trends in Bluetooth technology.

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Mesh is Blue

See how Bluetooth mesh has become the clear choice for large-scale device networks.

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I think what we've got now is the next phase, which I think is probably more revolutionary than we've seen in the last 18 years of the standard and that's moving into mesh and, and having a robust self-organized, self-managed, uh, network of nodes that are connected by Bluetooth that will enable us to connect everything.
- Stuart Carlaw, ABI Research
Bluetooth has really adapted to the markets that it's trying to be in, and it's taking the necessary steps to add to its technology portfolio so that it can be in lighting, it can be in home automation, building automation. Bluetooth really has to be considered any time connectivity is added to a product.
- Lee Ratliff, IHS Markit

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