How to Unlock the Full Potential of Networked Lighting Control Systems

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Date and Time: 25 May, 8:00am PST / 15:00 GMT

Dennis Fullin, OSRAM
Ben Wright, EMC
Stephen Zhou, McWong
Chuck Sabin, Bluetooth SIG

Description: 90% of our time is spent in buildings, and quality of light is essential to improving the quality of the building experience as well as the well-being and productivity of its occupants. Networked lighting controls (NLC) have long held the promise of delivering significant energy savings and an improved occupant experience in commercial environments, and the demands on commercial lighting are increasing. The lighting infrastructure is also being looked at to provide a central nervous system for the building and enable more efficient operation of other building systems, including HVAC and security, while also supporting advanced building services, such as indoor navigation and asset tracking.

How can lighting control system specifiers, designers, and integrators meet these new demands and deploy systems that deliver maximum value in minimal time? How can these systems be more easily installed and commissioned, and then reconfigured to adapt to inevitable space changes a building experiences over the time?

This informative discussion will examine these questions and more from three expert perspectives. OSRAM’s Dennis Fullin, EMC’s Ben Wright, and McWong’s Stephen Zhou will join the Bluetooth SIG’s Chuck Sabin to explore:
  • First-hand accounts and lessons learned from those who have installed and commissioned wireless networked lighting control systems, including how best to increase the functionality-to-cost ratio and maximize scalability and future proof the system
  • The key motivations and what to consider when integrating mobile app-based commissioning and remote monitoring
  • How different wireless mesh networking technologies address the lingering question of scalability and performance of wireless systems
  • The evolving role of the sensor and how sensor networks can be used to have a positive effect on the experience, wellbeing, and productivity of occupants and the efficiency of other systems
  • How to ensure sustainable, long-term business models in the wake of this sea change in lighting
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